Trader Joe’s Pita Bite Crackers Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pita Bite Crackers Reviews

  1. Wes

    This “pita chip meets cracker” hybrid is really good. It’s light and flakey (in a good way) yet still crunchy. Great with spreads like hummus and spinach dip.

  2. Colin McKeague

    These pita bread crackers are better than any other food in my home

  3. wendy

    Great cracker to have on hand. Do yourself a favor and buy two boxes at a time.

  4. Miah

    Omg in the beginig of of Covid my mom bought these and sweared by them I tried them not impressed and not they are my favorite things ever. Buy the entire shelf when you see them because holy cow they are addicting

  5. Cornelia Navari

    I have been buying these crackers for many years and they are delicious! It’s the only cracker I ever have in my cupboard. I especially love them also because they are only 110 mg of sodium for 10 or 11 crackers. I realize that’s not a small amount of sodium but it’s the perfect amount. I love mine with Trader Joe’s Mushroom Br!e!

  6. Kathleen Pittman

    We have loved this cracker and have bee buying them for years, however the crackers have been in pieces, not whole crackers recently. We’ll not be purchasing them again.

  7. Pru

    I truly like and enjoy going to Trader Joe , because it is across the street from my home Stuy Town . The food is amazing . I have been living in the Neighborhood for years ,but whenever I go into Trader Joe’s, I am constantly being followed by security profiling me breathing down my back. I am an attractive, professional black woman , nicely dressed ,but it does not matter . They stand right behind me . Gee!!Sometimes I give them a dirty look and say Really!! and then they move away . I worked so hard in this country… WHY!! Give people of color a break. My grandmother from the Island would say don’t judge a book by its color or is the cover. I am the most honest, kind,caring person you have ever met 🙂

  8. CheezLuvr

    Not sure what’s up with Pru’s review. It has nothing to do with this cracker. In any case, this cracker is the GOAT. I think it’ll come only second to the red wine crackers I had a long time back in New York. But man are these super addictive.

  9. CAnn

    No other pita cracker compares. Agree with other reviewers they are ADDICTIVE. Not sure why, they just are like cracker crack.

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