Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Asparagus Soup Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Asparagus Soup Reviews

  1. P.R. Roll

    Sorry….I did not like this soup, at all! It has a very bitter taste. Not at all what I expected and I love asparagus! Waste of $4. , I threw it out.

  2. Karen

    The smell was very off putting, the taste marginally better. With some added salt and pepper I ate half a bowl and threw the rest out.

  3. Dabbis

    Love this soup! I’ve had it plain and it tastes great. When I want to make a heartier meal, I use it as a base and add whatever I happen to have on hand. In the past I’ve added shredded chicken, black beans, quinoa and leftover veggies. I also add some seasoning and since all of this tends to make the soup a bit thick, I also ass some of Trader Joe’s organic chicken or veggie broth. I can make the 2-serving container stretch to 4 servings when I add extra ingredients. I’ve recommended it to several coworkers and they’re hooked on it as well.

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