Trader Joe’s Organic American Cheese Slices Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic American Cheese Slices Reviews

  1. Jon

    There are no reviews on this product? Good. That means no one is buying it. Trader Joe’s is my hands down favorite place for groceries. I have never had a lame product…until now. This cannot be cheese. It tastes like plastic, chews like plastic, and looks like plastic. This stuff is sad. It does not melt and is tasteless. Never again for me or anyone I know. If you waste your money on this product, THAT’S on you.

  2. TQ

    I didn’t know that this cheese was gonna be bad. I thought I was getting something like Kraft singles for burgers but the cheese did not melt and tasted bad and it wasn’t even good to eat cold either. Please discontinue this product.

  3. M Butler

    I had bought this cheese for years and they were good. The packages I got this year were horrible. Hard practice texture and they don’t melt! I am not buying this product again.

  4. Jon Andrews

    Something strange happened between grocery runs. This product has been consistently great as long as I can remember. These last few weeks, a switch flipped and it’s completely different. It’s now stiff, with no flavor and will not melt. After reading other reviews, at least I know I’m not going crazy.

  5. Jim

    It’s sad when a good product goes bad…
    This was my goto American Cheese for years, and now it appears I will have to choose an alternative, as TJs branded American Cheese has most likely been contracted out to another vendor or they have altered the chemistry of the product…
    It refuses to melt and resembles a floor tile instead of a slice of cheese, and it has an almost chemical taste to it…
    I’ve seen a few great items at TJs that have come and gone, or the product was changed to the point that it was no longer on my shopping list…
    I was truly sad to see the blueberry bran muffins go extinct, but it would of been tragic if it had been replaced by an inferior product…
    As with this particular item; I would of preferred that it just go away, rather than what it has become…

  6. Jojo

    bad cheese. only 12 slices. doesn’t melt. and takes shape of the package. it says “cheese product” so that should’ve been its red flag. tastes like dollar tree cheese. they should definitely discontinue this. I wish i got kraft instead.

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