Trader Joe’s Orange Flavored Cranberries Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Orange Flavored Cranberries Reviews

  1. Kahlee

    Totally addicted to these. I use them in all kinds of recipes and make my own trail mix with them. Yum!

  2. The 7MSN Ranch

    Outstanding right out of the bag; can only imagine how great these would be in oatmeal cookies.

  3. Carol

    I LOVE these but I am so UNHAPPY that you only offer them in the winter. Why if you offer cranberries year round would you only have the orange flavored ones in the winter?? I use them in my homemade trail mix. I did stock up but evidently not enough;( Everyone loves my trail mix which I make with all of your raw nuts and dried fruit but everyone complains when the orange cranberries run out. I try and appease them with your blueberries but the orange is the kicker. 🙂 Hope you don’t discontinue them altogether. Thanks

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