Trader Joe’s Mini Cheesecake Cones Reviews

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Almond Florentine cones filled with a creamy cheesecake filling.


6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mini Cheesecake Cones Reviews

  1. Connie Rose

    We all love the different TJ mini cones, was excited to try the mini cheese cake cones. There was 4 of us and the cheesecake cones comes 4 to the box. Turns out we all hated them and every one of us ended throwing their cone away, The cone is soft and way too sweet. Tastes like dipped in honey with almonds. And the cheesecake filling is tasteless and tastes more like frozen whipped cream. Buy the bon bons or the other mini cones for a delicious dessert and take a pass on these.

  2. Tom Tomjonovich

    The flavor wasn’t bad, but as Connie pointed out, the cone was soft which made for a poor eating experience. Way too messy after thawing, sticky honey (?) all over your fingers and as she also noted, the cheesecake filling wasn’t too sweet, which may have been on purpose to offset the cloying sweetness of the cone. Pass.

  3. Jim Mallory

    These are delicious and definitely worth a try. The cheese cake filling is not sweet which makes for a good balance with the cone. Best when they are just out of the freezer! I guess they are not everyone’s cup of tea but I still highly recommend them.

  4. Veronica

    The filling tastes like there are 100 tablespoons of sugar. There’s nothing “cheesy” about it. It should be called sweet cream cones instead because nothing about it tastes like cream cheese. Don’t waste your money on this.

  5. Sunny

    Oh my God, I cannot believe all the bad reviews and I’m so picky about desserts. I do not eat package desserts. Now I can find 1 every 5 years. I’m not like but I’ll take one bite of something and I usually give it to somebody else. These are the best ever I’ll I can eat these every day. Wish they were a little bit cheaper. I need this recipe oh my god

  6. Sunny

    These amazing little desserts are for people. That, like high class food. Third, you’re used to McDonald’s fast foods boxed foods. You’re used to allothers yucked yucked things. This is the amazing dessert. High class dessert I don’t even like cheesecake And I love these couldn’t get enough of them

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