Trader Joe’s Huntsman Cheese Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Huntsman Cheese Reviews

  1. Val

    Our family looks forward to fall every year just to have this Huntsman cheese! Our Thanksgiving cheese board would not be complete without it. The only negative is you want to eat it quick because it doesn’t store well long. The Double Gloucester is an incredible semi hard cheese with a mellow tangy flavor. In between the Double Gloucester are 2 layers of a Stilton cheese. It is a creamy blue cheese. My family members and friends that do not like blue cheese enjoy this cheese. We look to enjoying this cheese yearly from September to December.

  2. Kim

    Soft and creamy cheese. Will be buying more to share with my family! Fabulous!

  3. Madeline

    Love this cheese. Our entire family enjoys it & really wish it was offered year round.

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