Trader Joe’s Grump Tree Reviews

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A grumpy lemon cypress tree sold during the holiday season, reminiscent of The Grinch.


17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Grump Tree Reviews

  1. Judy

    I thought this little tree was so cool! Got one for my house. My husband wanted one for his office. Two of our co-workers loved it so I got them one as well. We watered them as directed, kept them at room temperature, not in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, they have all died within 2 weeks. At $8.95 each, it is disappointing. I usually buy a small live tree from Trader Joe’s every year, and I am not disappointed to to have it not last past January. But this disappointed me. I am frequently shop at my store 2 miles from my house, so much that I know many of the staff there by name. I LOVE my Trader Joe’s but this plant, as appealing as it is, is a disappointment.

  2. Megan

    I’m really disappointed as well. Mine started dying within 24 hours and its a week later and still dying. A little strange.

  3. Terri

    Lovely eclectic gift ideas for decorating that office cubicle, or to bring to a holiday gift exchange! Only complaint is the tiny little plastic pot making the tree very root bound and susceptible to drying out super quickly!

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS – my little guy was extremely root bound in the little pot provided, so make sure to water it frequently to keep the peat based soil moist, you can also spritz the foliage with water or use your sink vegetable sprayer to moisten those fronds!

  4. Deb Hendrickson

    Loved these and bought a bunch for gifts. Everyone loved them and wanted more for gifts. Live 2 hours from a Trader Joe’s so good thing they didn’t get cheered also. Watered as recommended but everyone’s died within the week. Feeling very ripped off. I want live ones!!!!

  5. Anna

    I also bought the Trader Joes little seasonal pine tree in the red can. I bought three but only one has lived. The others had been let grow too dry in the store, alas. Now the leader and longest branches of the surviving one seem wilted, though I’m keeping the potting medium moist, as the label advised. It does seem that the plant might be pot bound. The original label (which I’ve lost) said you could plant it out. I think it was called a southern Eruopean Pine but I can find no such common name to figure out its care.

  6. Maryssa Block

    Got mine in December and it is still alive in March

  7. Mary Romanello

    My 6 year old granddaughter spent her money and bought me one for Christmas. I tried and tried to keep it alive but not luck. It’s terrible!

  8. john archer

    I got one for Christmas about to plant out side

  9. Tara

    This sure was a cute idea if it were actually a rooted small tree rather than the trimmings off of a large cypress tree bent to imitate a grump tree!
    Why put growing instructions and give hope for gain when it is just a dead branch.
    Truly a sad marketing trick by TJs. Very disappointing.

  10. Deanna Tibbs

    I was given this adorable Grump Tree with a Trader Joe’s Gift card for Christmas. The leaves felt very dry, though they gave a wonderful citrus smell. The soil felt moist, but I gave it a little water. Unfortunately, 2 days later, the plant feels like it is dead. Sad.

  11. Laci Patten

    My tree did fine indoors, I kept it near a window and watered daily. But when we transplanted it outside its not doing well at all and almost completely brown now 🙁 I am making sure the soil is moist and we keep it in the sunlight. I am not sure if it got transplant shock or what but I’m so sad! I loved that tree!

  12. B

    I love the tree. BUT it is a real tree. You will need to unbind and let it get sun if you want it to live. Mine is doing well outside.

  13. G. Griest

    Got one as a Christmas gift. Already looking v. dry after only a couple of weeks. Watered gently and misted. Should we consider it to be a pricey Christmas gag gift?

  14. MB

    Missed watering one day and I’m pretty sure it’s a goner. Cute idea, maybe sell artificial ones?

  15. Lauren

    LOVE my little grump tree. Bought it a couple of weeks before Christmas had it near a window watered frequently it’s doing great. Have it to my sister she is going to put it in a big pot and transition it outside. Love it! So sorry to hear so many didn’t make it

  16. S

    I was gifted a beautiful grump tree but it only lasted less than a week. I thought the red sack it came in was drying out the roots so I took it out from there and it’s only been drying out even more ever since. I’ve had it in the sun and water it as directed, but nothing is helping, not even plant food. I agree that an artificial tree would be the best option.

  17. Cheryl

    Second year buying one from two different places and all they do is die. It doesn’t matter if it’s by sunlight and soil checked everyday. They don’t survive. I think they are so cute, but what’s the point if they have little to no chance on surviving? Very disappointed.

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