Trader Joe’s Glatt Kosher Fresh Young Turkey Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Glatt Kosher Fresh Young Turkey Reviews

  1. John Anderies

    We bought this turkey for Thanksgiving. After removing the plastic packaging we observed that the bird definitely qualified as “minimally processed” with several bits of the feather stalks still in the skin. This wouldn’t have been an issue – if not for the weird plastic-like taste. Is this from the “brining” process? We cooked the bird according to standard practice.

    Threw most of it away – ruined our Thanksgiving – will demand a refund.

  2. Allison Golde

    I only rate this because they will not allow me to sebmit, otherwise.
    We also bought this turkey for Thanksgiving. We were disappointed with the Turkey. It was “minimally processed” in that my husband had to take the pliers and pull the quills out! The Skin being a favorite, tasted wrong, like burnt chemicals or plastic. We threw out the rest of the turkey and will also seek compensation.

  3. Devin Arciniega

    Trader Joe’s is my main grocer and I am usually a big fan of their poultry and other meats. However, this turkey was a quite the let down. Mine also had quite a few feathers and it took a good amount of time to remove them, but in reading up on kosher birds, it wasn’t a huge surprise as this is fairly common. I didn’t so much mind the extra work in prep, but I certainly minded the taste! Similar to the previous reviewer, the skin is my favorite part and this year I could barely choke it down. The meat of the bird itself isn’t as bad, but anything close to the surface of the skin tastes awful. I will be requesting a refund as well.

  4. Beulah

    I wish I had read these reviews before I bought mine. I was shocked to see all these long white strands sticking out of the skin everywhere. At first I thought they were feather stubs but when I touched them I noticed they felt soft like fatty strands of skin. Weird!! Took forever to pluck them all out and I got rather grossed out in the process as I wasn’t even sure what those strands were. I HOPE they were just feather stubs. Fortunately the turkey cooked fine and tasted quite good except for the thighs that tasted almost bloody even though they were fully cooked. Oh another oddity: as I was handling the raw turkey, my hands were smeared in grease coming from the bird! I’ve never had this happen with other turkeys. As I was plucking, I was debating if I should just stop and bring it back to TJ for an exchange. But I was too lazy to brave the crowds. Anyway I will NEVER buy this brand again!!! In fact next time I’ll get my turkey from Whole Foods. Yes they’re super expensive but at least it’ll be hormone free, antibiotic free, feather free and organic!! Stupid me, I had read the “Minimally processed” on the label at TJ, I thought I’d be getting a healthy turkey. Even if it was, the over abundance of weird, stringy, fatty strands sticking out of the skin everywhere was GROSS! Looked like a diseased turkey.

  5. Judy Levy

    My adult sons devoured the turkey!! Serving it again this year. With a nice coating of seasoned butter on the outside and my amazing stuffing in the turkey, this was our favorite. No need to pay for an organic Whole Foods Distel Farms over priced turkey.

  6. Patricia Rubinstein

    Best Kosher Turkey eva! Blows Empire out of the water. Keep it coming…

  7. K. Buelow

    Bought this turkey for the first time, we thought it smelled weird, leaked all over our fridge, then opened it up to see all the feathers and freaked out. We had 15 people coming in three hours, went into panic mode and another family member was able to find parts of a turkey to cook instead. Will never buy another turkey at TJ again.

  8. Carol

    I too was freaked out by the pin feathers. I gave up after a while since I put my seasoning paste between the skin and the bird. My hope was when we pulled off the skin to carve the finished turkey, all of the pin feathers would go with it. I purchased a Kosher turkey so that a relative who keeps Kosher could enjoy it. I may go for a different brand next time and pay the premium.

  9. Michael

    Are these people kidding. Every Thanksgiving I buy 4 Trader Joe’s Kosher Turkeys. I use one for Thanksgiving and freeze the other three. One is for Passover, one for the summer split in half and cooked on the barbecue and one for Rosh Hashonah. I just cut up and smoked the Summer turkey breast. Compared to the Empire turkey breast at Trader Joe’s this breast was amazingly better.
    I don’t really care about the feathers because nobody eats the skin. That is the least healthy part of the bird.
    If your other reviewers know of a better tasting kosher turkey I would like to know about it. Yours is far superior to Empire.

  10. Donna

    We look so forward to this time of year where we always buy two of the kosher fresh turkeys. One for Thanksgiving and we make the other one for Passover in the spring. It’s so much better than Empire. Best turkey we ever had. Wish Trader Joes sold them all year round.

  11. john dron

    Disappointment started upon opening the package. Bird looked beatup from the slaughterhouse. Poor color, and missing sections of skin: Perhaps ground off on the conveyer belt. Same experience as others with regards to quills and feathers remaining. Not just a few, the majority of the body. Finally with much frustration and disgust we bagged up the road kill and returned to store.

    Thank you TJ for your excellent ease of return/exchange

  12. Michelle Meadows

    2020 is the first year that we did not buy the kosher turkey but in past years we have never had a problem and it has alwaytasted great. Hope I can get one for Xmas

  13. Joanne M

    My brother has raved about TJ’s Glatt turkey for years. I purchased my first this November. I did freeze it for Christmas. Much to my dismay when I opened the bag I found a turkey that was rather mangled, and had a number of small feathers under the legs and wings, but what was worse and unlike anything I have ever experienced, there were a lot of plastic like quill sockets that were still present and covered over 1/3 of the turkey. It took me more than an hour to physically pluck out the feathers and plastic-like quill sockets that were on the sides, legs, and bottom of the turkey using tweezers. I was so grossed out. Having nothing else to serve I had to do it. I assumed that this may be normal for them until I spoke with my brother who said that this was contrary to the turkeys he has always purchased. He also said I should have taken a photo which I never thought of doing as my goal was to get the bird cleaned and in the oven. The meat was just OK. Very disappointed that Glatt could allow a turkey to pass inspection in this condition. Will not be buying another. TJ please note the inconsistency with Glatt. No one should EVER have to plucked a turkey.

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