Trader Joe’s Figo! Half Dipped Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich Bars

(33 customer reviews)

Frozen dessert half-dipped in chocolatey coating. Comes with 5 ice cream sandwiches.


33 reviews for Trader Joe’s Figo! Half Dipped Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich Bars

  1. D. Huey

    Really good 2 in one ice cream treat!

  2. Mark

    The best ever!!! Thank you TJ’s

  3. jlt

    An insult to ice cream (or “frozen desserts”). The overall taste is fake & hollow, and the texture of the cookies is abysmal, like eating finely ground dry clay (they used rice and corn flour instead of wheat flour but didn’t bother to actually make these gluten free). One of the most depressing items I’ve tried from Trader Joe’s.

  4. Jane

    The most tasty sandwich at TJ’s AMAZING… the above comment is a fake, maybe another store competitors, this should be cancelled!

  5. Eric

    WOW one of the best ice cream I ever try!!! Well done Trader Joe’s

  6. Joseph

    My favorite treat being an ice cream sandwich.

  7. Deb

    Yummy and a great little treat. My kids like them too!

  8. Anonymous

    These are terrible! The cookie is so bad and it’s not even entirely dipped in chocolate, which is obviously what someone wants, not half and half!

  9. Chad Mosier

    I wanted to love it but it’s not good in any way. My 16 year old son couldn’t even finish the bar. The vanilla has no flavor and the cookie sandwich is way too dry. I’m surprised how untasty it is for being TJs.

  10. Anonymous

    amazing. great chocolate, really unique.

  11. Sona

    Love it ! It’s different, but good

  12. Benny Blanco, the Bronx

    the ice cream is unique and of adequate quality , not superior to a premium ice cream, but better than a fast food ice cream.
    the chocolate shell is a few steps ahead of an eskimo bar and actually better than a dove bar. The shell doesn’t fall off while you eat it.
    the cookie part however is not of the same quality or substance as a typical ice cre sandwich ..
    while these are novel and pleasing (most ice cream is) they are not worth a drive to TJs as many of the products TJs has are.

  13. Andrei M.

    Reading through the negative comments, it’s all a matter of taste. Loved it, soft in texture, dipped part reminds me of the marshmallow dipped in chocolate dessert… And is very tasty. Cookie texture is, a bit dehydrated? In a good way though, not too crumbly. Enjoyed that part as well! Me new fav desert from TJs. Oh, yeah… My only gripe is the opening experience. Could be a bit cleaner/consistent.

  14. Tracey


  15. Glenda

    Best tasting Ice Cream bar EVER!!! I love ice cream and I love chocolate and I consume vast quantities each week. Figo’s have become my new favorite after hike late evening treat.

  16. GBJitsu

    Amazing. Have to stock up on these

  17. Leo

    Maybe I got a bad batch but the ice cream was milk not cream and the cookie was like eating a pile of dust. Pretty bad. Rare miss for TJ’s.

  18. Diana

    Do yourself a favor and get Häagen-Dazs Cookie Squares instead

  19. Nancy

    Awful. It’s not ice cream, it’s “ frozen desert.” It isn’t chocolate, it’s “chocolatey.” Long unpronounceable ingredients list. It’s not food.

  20. Sue

    Yuck. I kept seeing people online rave over these so I finally bought some and I’m sorry I wasted the money. The dipped ice cream part has an aftertaste that I can’t even place, almost like artificial mint or herbs. When I got to the ice cream sandwich part, that cookie was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever eaten from Trader Joe’s. So dry. I don’t know if I’ll even eat the rest of them in the package, it’s really that bad. If you want a good ice cream sandwich, go with the ones with the chocolate chip cookie and the chips around the edge.

  21. Bailee Burns

    The best! The ice cream is amazing and the cookie is fantastic! Can’t believe some people don’t like them. That’s insane!

  22. Nikki Adams

    Love these! Perfect size to fulfill my Icecream/Chocolate craving. Calorie amount isn’t too bad either : )

  23. Robert McDermott

    The negative reviews got to be fake. I’ve been through a few boxes of these and turned others on to them. No one has ever said a negative thing about them. Haters gonna hate.

  24. Anonymous

    Really like the taste and texture! I see other reviewers didn’t like the cookie texture, but honestly that was my favorite part.

  25. Dee DiGiacomo

    The most disappointing frozen treat I’ve tasted at TJ. The cookie was chalky and the flavor was not chocolatey in the least.

  26. Anonymous

    Pretty disappointing. The ice cream could have more vanilla flavor to it. The chocolatey shell isn’t very chocolatey, hence not being called chocolate. And finally the cookie is dry which can be fine but also tastes like malt chocolate. Size/portion and concept are good but I wish it use better ingredients.

  27. Nancy Irwin

    Ok, I hid these in the outdoor freezer and didn’t share with my husband. Bad wife! I ate the whole box over the course of a week. I am trying to figure out how to hide 3 boxes.

  28. Kenji

    I gazed at the box in the store, wondering if the fact that they don’t call it ice cream was a tip-off that these would suck. Well, I was hungry, which is always a hazardous state to be in while shopping at TJ, so I rolled the dice. YUCK! Dunno what the flavor is supposed to be but it’s not vanilla and chocolate. And what a long-lingering cloyingly sweet aftertaste it leaves. I’ll be returning it for sure. At least TJ is great about taking back products you don’t like.

  29. Anonymous

    The cookie is horrible but its still ice cream and sweet so I ate them all. Would never buy again though.

  30. Anonymous

    This product is not good. The “chocolate” coating is of poor quality, little flavor, the cookie is like eating chalk, and it really just tastes bad.

  31. Angel


  32. Melodia9

    anyone who says they didn’t finish this is straight out lying. A delicious mix of a dipped ice cream down and an ice cream sandwich. Think ice cream truck quality not gourmet ice cream and you’ll be fine. I had to control myself to only eat one a night.

  33. Sandra Collingwood

    I’d give this delicious ice cream treat 10 stars or more if I could. I have eaten ice cream desserts in the classiest restaurants in the world and haven’t come across anything to equal these in sheer dining delightfulness. However, I would caution those who would like to eat them frequently to check out the nutrition label since I consider these a “treat” and not a daily foody experience.

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