Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Honey Mints Reviews

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Made with just three ingredients.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Honey Mints Reviews

  1. Rachel S

    These dark chocolate mints are a perfect alternative to your average peppermint patties! They have less sugar, richer chocolate and are only sweetened with honey. These are a staple for my workspace when the need for something sweet strikes!

  2. Baker

    The inside is basically beaten honey, with mint oil added. It’s stiff and won’t drip when you bite into it. The outside is what the industry calls “chocolate liquor”, which is to say that it’s just ground cacao nibs that were warmed up enough to pour a very thin layer over the filling. If your hands are warm, it will melt on your fingers.

    The chocolate coating isn’t sweet at all. The flavor is pretty much like the day that you put a spoon into the box of unsweetened baking cocoa because you thought it would taste like hot chocolate. Adding just a little honey or other sweetener to the coating would make a big difference for me.

    Bottom line: It’s okay, but I’m probably not going to buy them again.

  3. Violet

    This might have been the first and only thing I returned at TJ. It tasted like it had a layer of must to me. Not that it went bad, but something un-candy-ish about it. The ingredients are all things I really enjoy, so this was a surprise.

  4. Rachael

    These are amazing. If you like super dark chocolate and mint, you will enjoy them. They taste like super high end artisan candies, not for the masses.

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