Trader Joe’s Chipotle Black Bean Dip Reviews

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33 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chipotle Black Bean Dip Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Bring back the spicy black bean dip. This stuff is dry, and not anywhere as good as the old bean dip.

  2. Anonymous

    Bring back the old Spicy Bean Dip!! This stuff does not even compare! Way too much of that “natural smoke flavor.” Yuck! The old dip was so versatile and delicious! I know many who are anxiously and hopefully waiting for its return!

  3. R. Gaudio

    I agree with the critics. The old spicy black bean dip was GOOD. The new chipotle black bran dip is mediocre. The chipotle flavor tastes fake and leaves a bad aftertaste. Today I tried cutting it with some real beans (food-processed) just to make it more palatable. But the harsh chipotle flavor still comes thru. Bring back the good old stuff!

  4. Brittney

    My FAVORITE Trader Joe item was the spicy black bean dip. I went to the store just to buy some more of it and it wasn’t there, but I was assured it would be back. It is back and I can tell you the new recipe is not comparable and the smoke flavor ruins the whole thing. Where can I buy the old stuff? PLEASE bring it back!!!

  5. HH

    We have been eating TJ’s Spicy Black Bean Dip for more than 20 years. I was so sad to see it replaced, but I did try the Chipotle version. It is dry and the chipotle flavor is overbearing. It went straight to the trash after two bites; but I should have brought it back to the store to really make my complaint known. I am going to try to make my own now. (Black beans, water, tomato paste, onions, white vinegar, honey, salt, jalepenos, “spices”, garlic– according to the label).

  6. Caitlin

    Yuck! This stuff is terrible. I LOVED the old spicy black bean dip. I found the smoky Chipotle flavor of this new version to be really overpowering and unpleasant. Please bring back the original recipe!

  7. Syd

    I’m mourning the loss of the old spicy black bean dip. It was a staple in our house for the past 16 years.
    The new dip tastes nasty and almost chemical, it went straight into the garbage.
    Why did they change/discontinue??
    Please bring the old dip back.

  8. Suzie

    Agree 100%! I am also MOURNING the loss of the spicy black bean dip! My husband and I even have a treasured memory of a grueling winter hike we did when we were dating, which ended with us downing a bag of tortilla chips and a whole jar of the dip. I cannot believe that Trader Joe’s thinks the Chipotle version is ok! I also tasted it and trashed it. ICK. PLEASE PLEASE bring back our favorite spicy black bean dip.

    Side note: We moved from DC to Denver 11 years ago when there were no TJ’s in Colorado yet, and not joking – I tried EVERY black bean dip that Sunflower/Wild Oats/Spouts/Natural Grocers/WFs had to offer – and none came close. Because I love this dip so much. TJs arrived in Colorado and I stocked up – I just didn’t realize I should have stocked up much more! 🙁

  9. Debbie

    Not even worth one star.
    Bring back the original low fat Trader Joe’s spicy black bean dip!!!
    The only good thing about the Chipotle one that REPLACED it, is the jar that they used is the same as the original dip. A constant reminder of what I cannot buy anymore.

  10. Cal_TJ

    Please bring back the original bean dip! How could you discontinue it after so long? The new one is much worse! It’s too thick and doesn’t taste as good.

  11. Ellen Naumann

    Horrible! The smoky flavor way too strong. Loved the old Black Bean Dip.

  12. Josh

    This stuff SUCKS!!!!! Bring back the old bean dip!!! If you could rate this crap lower than 1 star, I would!!! Why mess with a successful product that everyone loves? Who made that decision? Did Trader Joe’s hire the guy that convinced Coca Cola to replace its recipe with New Coke?

  13. Elisabeth Horwitt

    I’m with everybody else. I hate the “smoky” flavor. I want the old bean dip back.

  14. Mike Fuller

    We hate the new stuff as well. My wife plans on playing with the ingredients from the original and making her own. Why the change? Why not offer both?

  15. Dolores White

    How can they think this new Chipotle BB Dip is better than the long standing original fat free Spicy Black Bean Dip! If they have to bend to the new trend of “Chipotle” everything, go ahead, but don’t penalize your long time customers by eliminating the old familiar, great staple of their regular Fat Free Spicy Black Bean Dip!! PLEASE reconsider and bring it back!!!!!

  16. Tammy Lubasky

    PLEEEEEASE bring back Trader Joes Fat Free Spicy Black Bean Dip!!!!!!!!!!! It was a staple in our home for more than 20 years. Not a fan of the new bean dip at all.

  17. norm drx palmer

    This is the causal one hundreth monkey response that will finally get some action….one of the only reasons for making the 1 hour trek to trader joes was for stocking up on the spicy black bean dip. Willing to try the chipoltle stuff, but like all the other label readers out there realized the “natural” flavoring and added smoke flavor only adds a synthetic taste and aftertaste.. YUCKO..The Original Spicy Bean Dip had only 100% wholesome ingredients that were VERY addictive. The CHipopltle stuff is a REAL turn off …in this case bring back the old and get rid of the new and improved…

  18. Panda

    My one star review is being very generous. The Spicy Black Bean Dip was the thing that got me through the door, but this Chipole stuff is going to keep me away. It has convinced me to start making my own dips though. Even if you don’t bring back the Spicy Black Bean Dip(which you should) I think it is bringing your brand down to have a product as disappointing as that Chipotle dip on your shelves.

  19. Carla Melby

    Please, please, please get rid of this poor substitute and bring back the Spicy Bean Dip!

  20. Black Bean dip connoisseur

    I HATE THE NEW BEAN DIP JUST AS MUCH AS I LOVED THE OLD ONE!!! WHICH IS A LOT!!!! Whyyyyy would you try to fix something that WASNT BROKEN!!! listen to the public and give us what we want!!!! THE OLD SPICY BLACK BEAN DIP!!!!!!!! Chipotle is the worst thing to have happened to Trader Joe’s. Why wouldn’t you just put out 2 versions????

  21. Jake Curry

    Talk about a horse shit product. For love of humanity bring back the spicy black bean dip. Who ever made the decision to change it to this fermented barf paste really needs to question there self worth. I have been going to trader Joe’s for well over 7 years. I would even consider myself a loyal customer. But now that you got rid of the bean dip I will NEVER EVER SET FOOT IN YOUR BLOODY STORE. Make America great again. bring back the bean dip. #whydoyouhateme

  22. Carl Samantello

    Please, Please, Please Bring back the Spicy Black Bean Dip!!! This product is no where near as good

  23. Rik

    Dear Trader Joe’s,

    I am writing this review as I munch on salted tortilla chips and your fat free spicy black bean dip… a jar of which I found in buried in the back of my kitchen cabinet. I eat this precious dip knowing it could very well be the last jar of your fat free spicy black bean dip out there. Please, for the sake of your customers do away with the chipotle dip bring back the fat free spicy black bean dip.

    A very sad customer

  24. Mary Treptow

    I got this yesterday and am shocked, this is so spicy hot that it’s inedible. After one bite It felt a dare joke. I love everything else about it.

  25. David Russell

    Agree with everyone. The orig fat free spicy black bean dip was great. This new stuff is awful. Won’t buy again.

  26. timby

    this stuff is crap! the only thing that was stopping me from ending it all was the old spicy bean dip! im not proud of this but when they discontinued this i slammed a bottle of gin and almost jumped off my hotel in vegas. the cops had to talk me down from doing it for 3 hours. The old dip used to re-invigorate me and now every day i feel sad, as if i am nothing but a hollow shell of the man i used to be. If TJ doesnt re add it to stores, i will shed my corporeal vessel and show them the horrors that lie beneath. – a loyal but distraught customer

  27. Marissa

    Bruhhhh this dip is amazing y’all are some haters!

  28. Willie Blanchard

    It was the first thing I loved at TJ’s. I used to replenish once a week when they finally opened a store in Nashville. Now it is gone, and after repeated requests to the store manager to no avail….. I don’t shop there anymore.

  29. Anonymous

    This dip is awful and nothing compared to the spicy back bean dip. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!! It was my favorite TJ’s item!

  30. Cynthia

    The Chipotle dip is amazing!! For all you haters quit smoking and your taste buds will come back. Bring the old back and keep the new too. 🙂

  31. Irona Lowden

    Bring back the old dip. I am so tired of coming into Trader Joes and finding my favorite things discontinued. The bean dip and now dill pickle popcorn. I’m about to stop shopping here because they discontinue my favorites. When I find something I like I buy several of the same items at a time if available but it’s so disappointing every time they are gone never to be seen again and all my friends feel the same,


    Just shopped TJ’s last night for the Chipotle Black Bean Dip. Was very disappointed to find that it had been discontinued. I can’t tolerate most spicy foods, but this dip was OUTSTANDING. Really wish TJ’s would bring it back. Please consider doing so.

  33. Mike, who like so many, misses the Bean Dip

    Please bring back the Chipotle Bean Dip… it’s sooooooo delicious… so many cry for it… what must we do to get it back? Can you make a special run of it…? Can you tell us who made it and how it was made so we can get it on the grey dip market?

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