Trader Joe’s Chicken Piccata Reviews

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Seasoned breaded boneless chicken breasts baked in a lemon, caper, and white wine sauce.


25 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Piccata Reviews

  1. Nancy

    delicious!..will def buy this one again!

  2. KR

    Delicious. If you like Chicken Picatta from Cheesecake Factory you will love this.

  3. Kate

    It was way too salty! Won’t buy again.

  4. Vivian

    It was chewy and way too salty… will never buy again had heard it is so good…sooo disappointed!

  5. Karl Watson

    Not even edible. Chicken tastes like what you get in a generic brand TV dinner. Caked with breading. Awful!

  6. Sara Baldwin

    These are absolutly delicious. Sometimes I don’t use the piccata sauce, but substituted red sauce for chicken parmigiana. Really versatile, the chicken is extremely high quality and YUMMY!

  7. BKT

    Love them!! Sometimes I just microwave the chicken and dice up for my salads!!

  8. Mike NYC

    A bit salty but Delicious.
    However, it states 3 servings per package but only 2 pieces of chicken

  9. Virginia Claire

    I buy this EVERY month – 2 to 4 packages. I would be devastated if they discontinued it. The price has gone from 5.99 to presently 8.99 and I don’t care. As a senior this is easy,quick and delicious ! Also good source of protein.

  10. Lisa M

    This is amazing! Its actually 2 portions, not one. I take half of the checken, and about 1/3rd of the sauce, and separately prepare Trader Joe’s mashed cauliflower, and either steam sime broccoli, or use some Trader Joe’s chopped spinage, add some spices, and have the most tasteful balanced meal.

    I tried this a few months ago and have been eating it twicea week ever since, as its really hard to find fast cooking meals that taste fresh and are nutritious.

  11. Anonymous

    Remarkable how varied the reviews are here! This is a terrific meal — served as is, or reimagined as part of a Bowl. Portions are heft. Not too salty IMO.

  12. Michelle

    Solid choice! The sauce is ok but it was perfect without the sauce. The chicken is also a good size. My husband and I really liked it and I’ll definitely buy again. Perfect with a salad.

  13. Lisa

    Absolutely disgusting. Breaded rubbery over seasoned institutional grade barf.

  14. Nikki

    What happened!? This was so good earlier this year but now it’s extremely salty…unbearably salty. I can’t even eat it. Trader Joe’s prepared food quality has tanked in the last few months.

  15. Bad Birds

    Agreeing with other reviewers that the quality is not what it used to be. I used to buy this regularly because I liked the capers and lemony sauce, but stopped because increasingly, one or both of the pieces of meat came from a “woody breast” bird. Really awful bouncy texture. I was throwing half of the meat out every time. Just bought one to see if they had improved and, no, the smaller piece of chicken was bouncy and the sauce is very salty. Whoever produces this for TJ’s should be catching this during production, or they shouldn’t be their supplier anymore.

  16. Beryl Homedon

    Horrible! mostly overly cooked hard dry chicken. Even when you only heat it for 30 seconds in a microwave

  17. H Clifton

    Awesome! Will buy even more. We always get their fresh rosemary chicken breast BUT this time for both due to various fam members taste differences. Some here complain about the salty aspect…soesnt bother me BUT suggestion to TJ…just bundle the capers separate for buyers to use what they want! Wife hates capers she’ll be fine and I’ll take hers despite me needing less salt overall in diet . I must also say that the chicken. Was delicious! Oddly the Rosemary package last night had some very tough cuts and non tough cuts in it. Likely either over cooked in the wave or as my wife said it wasn’t tough… I think the packaging people may have dropped a tough piece in with a non tough… random for sure. Good stuff from a former big time red meat guy!

  18. H Clifton

    Chicken piccata just took over 1st place for me Vs the Rosemary…I’m not usually a TJ shopper but wife is… very surprised at all the choices of chicken which I’ll also be sampling …

  19. Anonymous

    This meal has always been inconsistent. It’s usually pretty good, but the chicken varies from essentially inedible to delicious. The sauce is good and it works very well with pasta and green veggies like broccoli and asparagus.

    Every once in a while I get a bad one, then I stay away from it for a while, but I keep coming back to it.

  20. PENNY

    Absolutely delicious w/ a little rice medley. I did not use the entire sauce packet to help me, cut back slightly on the sodium ( due to my HBP ) However, so this is a quick easy cheap meal $8.99 for those days YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO COOK ‍ ps. Great rating in the ( YUKA APP ) love shopping at Trader Joe’s .

  21. Jessie

    The salt verges on unbearable. Absolutely tastes like nothing else. Just getting blasted in the mouth with salt. The chicken itself was good, but the sauce is awful. Probably ok if you substitute your own sauce, but do yourself the favor and throw the sauce packet away when you open it.

  22. Amy S.

    The packaging boasted that the dish ‘tastes just like you made it from scratch.’ Well, it doesn’t taste anything like my homemade chicken piccata. The chicken is tasteless, and it’s supposed to have a buttery lemon sauce. I didn’t taste the butter or the lemon. The only good thing about this dish is the 21g per serving.

  23. Beth Ann Kirch

    The chicken was extremely processed tasting. I would never purchase this again. The quality of a microwaved frozen meal. The chicken tasted rubbery and stringy. If you’re a foodie I would pass on this one guys.

  24. Jennifer Goodman

    Many people are saying the quality went down over the course of 2023. A reviewer on the web loved it in March 2023. I tried it today, December 2023. Th chicken is definitely hard, salty, too much thick breading, and not enough sauce. I think it is worse than a generic microwave meal. I won’t be buying it again.

  25. Siobhan

    They changed the recipe in 2023 and it’s awful now. Too salty. No discernible capers. The flavor of the chicken is awful. This used to be my go-to for a tasty quick dinner. Now, just yuck.

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