Trader Joe’s Chicken & Chimichurri Empanadas Reviews

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Dark chicken meat, vegetables, and chimichurri sauce in a traditional flaky pastry. Sold in the frozen section.

Ingredients: filling (boneless chicken, chicken thigh, potato, carrot, green cabbage, chimichurri sauce [sunflower oil, red bell pepper, cilantro, red onion, parsley, olive oil, green onions, red wine vinegar, garlic, salt, black pepper, cane sugar], onion, red bell pepper, diced tomatoes in juice [tomatoes, tomato juice, sea salt, citric acid [to preserve], garlic, water, cumin, canola oil], paprika, thyme, oregano leaves, cumin seed), pastry (unbleached enriched wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, water, canola oil, salt).

Contains wheat.

250 calories per serving – two servings per container.

Can be cooked in a conventional oven or an air fryer (microwave not recommended).


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken & Chimichurri Empanadas Reviews

  1. Janet

    The photo on the package looks exactly as the words describe the product. You can see bits of chicken, carrots, cabbage, onion, and minced vegetables. The empanadas appear to be well stuffed and over an inch thick at the middle fullness. The actual empanadas are thin and disappointing. No individual ingredients of the filling are identifiable. No chicken meatiness is discernible. My family could not guess what the filling was. It did not taste like any empanadas we ever had before, and certainly there was not a clue of chimichurri sauce. The only flavor present was salt.

  2. Christine Baskets

    Didn’t have the same experience as Janet at all. These came out great in the air fryer and were pretty tasty. You can’t really taste chimichurri but why expect that flavor to be prominent? Chimichurri is something you have on the side with empanadas. I wish these were available at Costco.

  3. That Brown Girl

    Maybe the trick is using an air fryer, because these were terrible using a conventional stove. The taste was bland and there was hardly no chicken in my pastries. I cooked mine longer than recommended so they would be semi-crunchy (it worked), because the time suggested didn’t yield a “done” serving (to my liking). The only reason why I’m giving it one star is that the small amount of chicken in them were not dry. I’m usually a big fan of TJ’s frozen foods, but this one was disappointing.

  4. Anonymous

    num num in ma tum! these were delectable morsels of flavor!!

  5. Susan

    We had these the other day for apps with margaritas. I cooked them then cut them in half. We all found them very tasty! We dipped in orange sauce and/or crema.

  6. Rachel D.

    great snack to have around. they were done in 15 minutes in the air fryer. chicken is shredded, the filling is very much chimichurri flavor. a little on the salty side if salt is a concern I would definitely avoid these.

  7. Nikon

    These were really good. They were a good size, about the same size as you would get from a gas station (Comparing the size, not the quality). The quality and taste was good this has become my new fav. I cooked this in a toaster oven @ 400 degrees and cooked it until it started to brown and start to turn black on the tips. This made it fluffy and crunchy. Cook time was prob 20+ min. I only go to Trader Joe’s once every 6 months due to the distance Please come to Bradenton FL. So I hope this is there next to round.

  8. David

    Not so sure I will buy again. I found them just okay. Probably something better is out there.

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