Trader Joe’s Chicken Breast Parmigiana with Marinara Sauce Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chicken Breast Parmigiana with Marinara Sauce Reviews

  1. Brenda Braswell

    nothing like the picture, no mozzarella cheese dripping over the whole thing, just a measly pat of cheese the size of a pat of butter, had to add cheese, chicken itself was good, but all you could taste was the sauce, would not buy it again

  2. Norma

    I got this because the cover looked good, and later looked up the reviews and I was disappointed to see the 2/5 stars. I sort of let it sit in the back of my fridge until it was one day Past the use by date and said, screw it.

    I cooked it in the air fryer at 360 for 17 minutes.
    It was pretty good! It was definitely not the best chicken parm I’ve ever had, but the sauce was tasty and the cheese was sufficiently covering the breast once it melted. I was pretty satisfied with this meal and would buy it again.

    The chicken was not “chicken nugget texture” it was real chicken for sure.

    The breading was a little soggy but it has been sitting in sauce for like 4 days so

    The cheese was alright, not my favorite but it was decent.

    Pair this with some buttered garlic noodles and it’s a good mid week dinner 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe a bit more cheese. Otherwise just as good as the coffee shop across the street for half the cost.

  4. Patricia feerick

    Terrible hardly any sauce, no sauce or cheese running of like package looks like, waste of money, of course you could fry up some onions sauté some garlic, and add some sauce,but then you might as well make it yourself
    So so sorry

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