Daelmans Waffle Caramel Bites Reviews

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Mini stroopwafel cookie-like treats (sometimes misspelled as “stroopwaffel” or “stoopwaffle” or “stroopwaffle”).

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6 reviews for Daelmans Waffle Caramel Bites Reviews

  1. Wes

    These are incredibly delicious. I actually bought them because I was looking for a dessert-y type product that wouldn’t be too addictive and would last awhile – but these did not fit that criteria! They were some of the best “cookie”-like dessert I’ve ever gotten from Trader Joe’s.

    I’m not even usually a major caramel fan — I think it tends to be too sticky/sweet, but the caramel filling in these cookies is perfect. The filling is pretty thin and subtle compared to what you might expect from a typical “caramel filling,” which I liked. It blended in well with the actual cookie, which was crunchy yet melt-in-your-mouth in all the right ways.

    Trader Joe’s doesn’t stock many products that aren’t their own branding, but I’m glad this one made the cut. Just don’t be surprised if you go through the bag quickly!

  2. Lulu

    These are so addictive. The amount of caramel is perfect and went so well with the waffle cookies on the outside. They taste amazing with a cup of hot coffee or with a scoop of ice cream. I am a huge fan of these, which is why I usually have to stay away from them, because I can probably eat about half a bag in one sitting!

  3. Mary Mc Fee

    These are not good. The 2 stars are for the chewiness. The wafer itself taste like cinnamon and nothing else.

    One should be able to taste the butter in the waffle wafer and the caramel. Neither ingredient can be detected. I say, DO NOT use cinnamon AT ALL, add more butter to the wafer and make the caramel be the prominent flavor. Over all, VERY disappointing and a COMPLETE waste of almost four dollars!

  4. Kelsey

    These are awesome and I don’t find them overly sweet. I live in Canada and I go to Trader Joe’s for these and the 21 seasoning salute

  5. glo

    Way too soft for a waffle cookie. Too sweet in not the right way. The Buttery Waffle Cookie is a much better pick.

  6. Heidi

    Best prepackaged store-bought stroopwafle there is and I’ve tried most of them. Homemade is better- but I love these little cookies!

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