Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortillas Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortillas Reviews

  1. Skippy Twohundred

    These tortillas have sustained me for years. Now I’ve just learned they are being DISCONTINUED!!!!! I’m sick and so, so sad. Trader Joe’s WHYEEEE?


    I can’t believe you’ve discontinued such a unique product. I used to buy 6 packages a week. I can’t tolerate gluten and these were a God-send. I hate the more expensive gluten free tortillas you’ve replaced these with. So disappointed…

  3. Janine

    I bought these weekly and am so sad to see they are no longer available. They were the BEST. 🙁

  4. Emily

    I miss these so much! I’ve been buying them since I went gluten-free eight years ago and they are wonderful. Nothing else I’ve tried since is as good. Can you bring them back?

  5. CD

    These were our favorite, so sad to see them go. Please bring them back. Your quinoa ones are ok but too much additives, brown rice ones were unique and natural.

  6. TW

    WHYYYY 🙁 These were the only tortilla I would eat ….. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK

  7. JTM

    Noooooooooooo why did you discontinued these? this is how we made quesadillas. The best tortillas out there. Please bring them back.

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