Trader Joe’s Arrabiata Sauce Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Arrabiata Sauce Reviews

  1. Avid Reader

    No heat, tons of garlic. Threw it out. Inedible unless you really love lots and lots of garlic.

  2. Betsy

    We love it and sure hope they continue to carry it. Everyone we serve it to agrees!

  3. Belissimo

    I hate giving bad reviews about trader joes products. This was one of the absolute worst sauces I have tasted (forget arrabiata). This had nothing to do with Arrabiata.. it was pretty sweet and the tomato quality was too tangy and “canny” eventhough it was Bottled sauce. I dont like wasting food but i ended up dumping it.

  4. Katie T.

    Absolutely amazing! Will buy several jars next time!

  5. Lorrie

    I love this stuff, but my store just let me know it’s been discontinued!! Best flavor of any bottled sauce I have every purchased.

  6. Steve

    I can confirm that a crew member just confirmed for me that the product is discontinued. I am quite disappointed. While I would give an edge to Rao’s arrabiata sauce for flavor, I have to pay about twice as much per ounce for Rao’s as I did for TJ’s.

  7. Sally

    So sad this was discontinued! By far the best jarred pasta sauce I ever bought.

  8. Brandon

    The only sauce we’ve found that is comparable is Rao’s which sells for over twice the price. We’ve done so many comparisons and most other sauces just are either too sweet, too watery, or just bland. The fact that this was discontinued is deeply saddening. It really was a favorite product for us. We’d drive 80 miles to the closest TJs for this stuff.

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