Big Churn Chardonnay Reviews

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With vanilla, apple, and pear notes.


27 reviews for Big Churn Chardonnay Reviews

  1. Karen Shook

    Love this Chardonnay for the price. Really creamy with a little oak. Easy drinking. If you like a creamy Chardonnay, you will love this one.

  2. Doug Anderson

    This is the best chardonnay that my wife and I have tasted at any price.It is creamy and Oakley and just divine .It is worth a try and we bought 3 cases so far.

  3. Gail

    If you like an oakey chard you are going to love this wine!! Buttered, vanilla and oak! Superb and the price is very nice $6.99. Reminds me of Rodney Strong,La Crema and Kendall Jackson. Not Vintners KJ, I was told they introduced it for all the folks that didn’t like a little oak and boy was I disappointed

  4. rita

    Love it but lately always sold out. When will you get more???

  5. Shawn Ahmed

    I am loving this lovely chardonnay. It’s so creamy you’d think you were eating warm breakfast toast with a cool butter and jam. I have been looking for months for a relatively inexpensive wine like this, and the irony is that I have been avoiding Trader Joe’s. That will teach me. Hosanna, Big Churn is like a revelation.

  6. Tamara

    I really enjoy this wine. Nice oak, creamy. A steal at $6.99.

  7. Kath

    … Very Surprised! Trader Joe’s suggested it and I thought for 6.99, why not… As good if not better then Le Crema and Simi.. Both over $15 a bottle! Thanks Trader Joe’s in Dublin Ohio!

  8. Tawnya Quiet

    Wow! What a nice surprise!

  9. Barbara Webster

    Sadly, I had to throw this 2015 bottle out. I like an oaky wine but the oak was so overpowering, no other flavors had a chance to come through. I actually almost gagged it was so strong. Reading the other very positive reviews makes me wonder if they were for the 2014 vintage.

  10. Jim Boyle

    For 6.99, you cannot go wrong with this chardonnay. Love the buttery finish…Phoenix AZ

  11. Pasta Woman

    Total Surprise! Excellent for the price. Buttery, creamy, slightly mineral with a long finish.

  12. Susan

    The overwhelming flavor to me was of petroleum. So weird cause I enjoy oaky buttery wines but this was yucky. I love J Lohr, Toasted Head, and my daily go-to wine is Hacienda at 5.99 a bottle at TJ’s.

  13. Lisilianna

    Tasted like chemicals. Not oak. I love oak but this tasted like bathroom cleaner. Not good. I would never buy again. To gain perspective I do not buy expensive wine. Bogle /kendall jackson. This was bad not buttery.

  14. Robyn M

    I love this chardonnay! It’s better than some other chards I’ve had that are three times more expensive. I just wish Trader Joe’s could keep it in stock!!!

  15. Kelly

    2014 was amazing but 2016 tastes cheap. What happened to the smooth buttery oak?

  16. Sandra Ferguson

    A real treat that you don’t find often. The wine is buttery and oaky, rolls on the tongue, is smooth and welcoming. Another good one, if you want to spend a little more, is Butter by Jam Cellars. Both: yum.

  17. jeff

    Not sure what to think of this. I love a good Chardonnay. Silver Mer de Soliel from a couple years ago has to still be my perfect Chard. TJ’s has great prices for wine so I’m always open to trying something new. This is definitely different and interesting. The vanilla is a bit too much. It’s almost as if they added vanilla extract. Not sweet, just very VANILLA.

  18. Beth Castner

    Very appealing label, tried it from traders and loved it. Must buy, Boise Idaho!

  19. Bree

    This is the absolute Best Chardonnay that I have ever tasted. I order it by the case all of the time cause sometimes it’s difficult to find, it sells out most of the time very quickly. Very smooth and buttery tasting.

  20. Sara

    I have purchased this wine for about 6 months now and find every bottle to be a bit different. I bought 6 bottles in March. Four were just OK. The lack of consistency makes me wonder if this wine is bottled at difference places and just labeled at the warehouse. Won’t be buying again.

  21. Chris Downey

    I love this wine. It is on the sweet side for a chardonnay but nice and Oakey.
    It is perfect for after dinner instead of having dessert.

  22. macie

    I wondered if there is a difference in 2017 vs 2018. This was my favorite wine for a year- buttery and smooth. My latest purchases are citrusy. I’m so disappointed.

  23. W Patrick Lambert

    Big Churn Chardonnay 2017
    No Star!!!! Food poisoning!! Served it to family with no other food…..35 minutes later food poisoning set in. Blew up clothes, a bathroom closet, floor, toilet and shower for a two hour siege of misery vomiting and toileting. Nearly called 911. Wife and daughter terribly sick. They still have headaches from the experience. Bad Stuff!!! No star…but had to in order to get this review published. Consider it an ‘anti-star’.

  24. Dealbeorht

    Big Churn 2014 California Chardonnay sells for $6.99. This is a big wine that opens up with oak in the nose and hints of vanilla. Malolactic fermentation is in full swing here and is, perhaps, a bit overdone.  Appearance is honey yellow and the wine is 14.5% in alcohol. The wine does display fruit notes of pear with a smooth, lingering finish, but the wine is just too overpowering for my taste. This wine is vinted and bottled by Big Churn in Napa.

  25. Dealbeorht

      Trader Joe s exclusive sourced from grapes grown in more than one  California AVA. TJ s wines rarely have a great deal of technical information attached to them and the Big Churn is no different. But the main thing to know about the Big Churn is the producers goal was the oakiest, butteriest, creamiest Chardonnay . Chardonnay is a pliable grape, winemakers can make it clean, tart, and bright to huge, buttery and oaky, and it is the main grape used for Champagne. So, where does the

  26. Crystal

    Tastes like the plastic aroma after blowing up a pool floatie. Won’t be buying this one again! BLEH!

  27. Carol

    Absolutely horrible. Spouse said it tasted like the grease coating on stale movie theater popcorn. But that’s a compliment compared to what I thought. Besides the chemical-like flavor, after only two small sips, now two hours later I am experiencing vertigo. I feel poisoned. It got poured down the sink 10 minutes after we opened the bottle. I probably should have kept it for testing and called Poison Control. Just. So. Awful.

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