Trader Joe’s Pugliese Bread Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pugliese Bread Reviews

  1. Miguel Praca
    5 out of 5


    Trader Joe’s Puglise bread is my favorite bread and I thought I would not have to ever live without it. I always buy extra and keep two frozen loaves that taste and as good as fresh after defrosting and warmed up in a toaster oven. Unfortunately I just found out that it has been discontinued. When I inquired about it the answer was something about switching to larger suppliers that provide more SKUs. So product quality and customer preference were irrelevant to the decision. So goes Walmart…

  2. Michael A Ognibene
    5 out of 5


    Trader Joe’s Pugliese’s bread is the best bread I’ve been able to find on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. We drive 50 miles to the Trader Joe’s near Cleveland just to buy it.

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