Trader Joe’s Turkey-Less Stuffed Roast With Gravy Reviews

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1 review for Trader Joe’s Turkey-Less Stuffed Roast With Gravy Reviews

  1. Disappointed Vegetarian
    1 out of 5


    I have been a vegetarian for at least 25 years and have tasted and enjoyed so many “meat replacement” products. I thought this little “roast” was a little expensive at $12.99 but thought it would be fun to try since I was hosting Thanksgiving dinner and I was the only vegetarian coming to the table.

    In brief, the roast was awful. Just terrible and perhaps the worst attempt at vegan “meat” that I have ever tried.

    The roast was baked in the oven exactly as directed and looked pretty tempting with the lightly browned breading. I sliced it and it held together very nicely and I was pleased that it looked like it would be tasty. Nope. Dense rubbery texture, unremarkable flavor, just a big no all around. All the other guests also tried it and nobody could even tolerate more than one bite.

    This product is not good in any way. I threw it away after trying to thing of some way to salvage my investment. It wasn’t worth bothering with.

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